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(Here are some blog posts from "X")

A Prompt is Forever

Once it's out there, a well written prompt that delivers great results can live forever! 

What's a Jacek Yerka?!

Once upon a time I had no idea what a Jacek Yerka was,
so here's a page to give him some eXtra eXposure!

Where is Everyone?

Why has there been such a noticeable decline in new artwork being published at Deep Dreams?

The PolitiX of Popularity

Have you ever wondered how some artists consistantly get their designs onto the front page at Deep Dreams? Try this!

Can A.I. create "art"?

The ongoing debate as to whether images created using Artificial Intelligence can be classed as artwork.

An Inspired Update

OK, so I've had a bit of a change of heart about the Inspiration Points at the Deep Dream Generator.

Applying Watermarks

For those who have asked, this is how I'm doing it,
plus the settings I'm using at DDG.

The Mountain Man

I've been editing my A.I. artwork,
sometimes with surprisingly good results.

ThanX to the Art Thieves

Trying to make something positive out of a nasty eXperience.
Sometimes it's tough, but not impossible.

An Uninspired Update

Deep Dreams' new Inspiration Points update
leaves a lot to be desired.


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