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Applying a Watermark
to your Artwork

Since I started adding watermarks to my artwork at Deep Dreams, a few people have asked me how I'm doing it. I thought I'd document it here for those interested in learning the process I use to do so.

Create your Watermark

Of course your watermark can be whatever you want it to be. I just opted for one with my signature over this site's address, and a copyright symbol. Straight to the point!

I made a white version and a black version, but to be honest, I seldom ever use the black version and probably just the white would do. I saved my watermark images as .gifs so I could save them on a clear background. I think a clear background worX best, as then you can still see the image behind the watermark that you place on it.

Place the Watermark on your Image

Choose the image you want to place your watermark on, and upload it to a free watermarking website. For the record, I am currently using this one:

Once your image is there, follow the instructions and apply your watermark where you want it to appear, then save the new image with the watermark on it.

Render your Watermarked image at DDG

Take your saved image with the watermark back to the Deep Dream Generator and generate it as a "Deep Style" render. Use it as the 'base image'.

For the 'style image' use a resized version of the above image you used as the base. You need to resize the image, (or otherwise change it), or Deep Dreams won't let you post the rendor publicly. A Deep Style image needs to be created from 2 different images in order to be posted publicly, so having the same image as 2 different sizes seems to be a workaround for this. 

Here are the SETTINGS I use...

Resolution: Full HD 2.1MP
AI Enhance: None
Iterations Boost: x1.0
Style Weight: 90%
Style Scale: 100%
Preserve Colors: On

That's it!

You now have a watermarked image that you can post publically at Deep Dreams. It's not going to be as sharp and detailed as your original render, but that's OK, because if it gets stolen at least you'll still have the best, clear, sharp version of your artwork all to youself!

There may be other ways of doing this where you'll get better rendered images to display publically, but if so I am unaware of them. This is just the way that I am doing it and it's working fine for my purposes. I get half decent images to display at DDG, and my watermark is still readable.

I hope you find this information helpful. If there's something I left out, or you need more information about it, just let me know.


July 8th, 2023