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What's in a Name?

Naming your artwork can be just as important as the artwork itself is, sometimes even more so!

I remember back in the day when I was a newbie dreamer at the Deep Dream Generator. Like all newcomers to AI artwork, I was amazed at what I could create there, and I put my best efforts into my creations.

A big part of my efforts was the title I gave to my artwork. It's always been important to me to name my artwork, and I tend to give it a lot of thought before doing so. For me, a work isn't actually 'complete' until it's been given a name. In fact, that's often how I know I'm done with it, the name I give it is the finishing touch to my creation.

Back then, DDG didn't display the names we gave to our artwork unless the viewer happened to be viewing it full sized, and this really irritated me. I thought the title should be displayed right under the artwork on the main pages that users scroll through to see the new and trending pictures, (like it is now).

It was so irritating to me that I actually felt inclined to write my first email to DDG to suggest they start doing it. I can't remember all the content of that letter, but I do remember telling them that "DDG could be an even BETTER website if you displayed the names under the work", and now that they're finally doing it, I think it is!

Giving your artwork a name can do a lot of things. It can make the difference of your artwork being 'good' or being 'great'. It can make people laugh, or maybe even cry. It can tell a story, sometimes with just one word, and most importantly, it makes the viewer take a longer look at your artwork and ponder the meaning of it from the title you gave to it.

I know that for some people coming up with a name can be difficult. I'll often see "untitled" or "art" or just "....." left as the name on their work, and I suppose it's the artist's prerogative to do that, but for the life of me I can't figure out why anyone would.

You can literally put ANYTHING as a title, and honestly, I'd rather see "Frying Pan" than just "untitled" under your picture. At least then I could ask myself, "Hmmm, I wonder why they called this bouquet of roses, 'Frying Pan'?"

It's really not that difficult to give your picture a title, just give it a little thought. When you look at it, what emotions do you feel? What sort of story might it portray in your mind? What message does it convey? Would 'Frying Pan' do as the title, or do you think you can do better than that?

If you take your artwork seriously, then help others to do the same. Give it a name and give it more meaning and importance. Only YOU can decide on it's name, and only YOU know the importance, (or lack there of), it has.

The title of your artwork, especially a well thought out one, can change the meaning, feel, and even the look of your work!

I've done a lot of commenting recently about how I think DDG has been gravitating towards the 'game aspect' of AI art lately, so I have to pause here and thank them for an important & welcome feature that moves the site back toward the actual ART aspect, (thanX, DDG!).

Now that it's here, I hope everyone will take full advantage of it.


March 22, 2024