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About "X"

"X", (yes, with the quotation marX), sometimes more formally, Mister"X" (which is often  abbreviated as Mr."X" by others), are the online niX that have been used for over 20 years on the net by Robb Schmidt. These names were originally picked for their anonymity, as Robb had no intention of ever revealing his true identity to the 'freaks and weirdos' found on the web! But Robb soon found out that his artworX, (and the people who were viewing them), demanded that his true identity would have to eventually be revealed.  Over his many years creating things on the internet, the nickname "X" would stick with Robb, with many of his acquired online friends still referring to him this way after, (in some cases), nearly 20 years of knowing him!

"X", (who is now sometimes also referred to as Robb, <and yes, with two B's>), has been creating artwork his entire life. According to his mother, his artistic endeavours began when he was still in the crib, when he would draw on the wall with the only medium available to him at the time, which was found in his diaper! Since those days though, "X" has created in many other ways, which have included cartooning, paintings, giant wall murals, ink drawings for newspaper ads, book illustrations, condom wrappers, and a plethora of other interesting things and ways.

These days Robb, (who is also known as "X"), is mostly interested in creating digitally. His current joy is creating A.I. artworX, which is displaying. This website will also eventually display his digital drawings, (which he draws with his mouse), as well as several of his colourful and intricate mandala creations, and maybe even a few of his snowflake creations for his older online 'fans'.  ; )

"X" will be adding new images and other 'goodies' to this site weekly, so please be sure to come back soon to follow "X"s eXploits!