(and goodbye to artwork)

Well, I knew it was coming.

A few weeks ago now, the Deep Dream Generator released an image showing blurred out options on their new upcoming VERSION 3 menu. I couldn't read through the blurs, eXcept for one of them, which I could tell said "VIDEO".

I was quite eXcited for this option's arrival, as I do have some eXperience in making short animations, but now that it's arrived, my initial eXcitement has turned more into a "meh".

Firstly because it costs a small fortune in energy points just to make a 10 second video. DDG has already reduced this cost by 50% since first introducing the option a week ago, but it's still way too pricey.

And secondly, it's very limited in what you can actually do with it.

I know it's a brand-spanking-new option, and will likely evolve into much more than it currently is, but as it sits right now it seems very gimmicky to me and just another way to get users at DDG to burn through their energy points.

And as it currently is, it's also another step AWAY from the art aspect of the website and another step closer to the 'game' aspect, which I'm disappointed with.

Don't get me wrong, I actually DO think art can be produced through video, but making the camera pan in for a close up, or making a person twirl or blink really doesn't cut it, and 10 seconds of animation makes it nearly impossible to accomplish.

If you were around when DDG first introduced 'teXt to image' to their platform, you'll probably remember when everyone was making "Ice Queens", (myself included). Well, that's where I think the video option is right now. It's still in its infancy, in Ice Queen mode!

As time progresses I'm sure more options will appear and the price will come down. Hopefully the length of the videos will also be increased.

One option I'd really like to see would be to upload our previous static AI creations and watch how the AI morphs one image into the neXt! Another great option would be an on site tool to add sounds or music to the videos so we could avoid outside programs to accomplish it.

We'll have to wait and see what happens.

In the meantime, as it is, it's not really something that I have much interest in. My current review is a THUMBS DOWN to the video option, but that could very well change in the future.

Happy creating to you, however you decide to do it!


January 17th, 2024

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