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An Unispired Update

Shortly after 'The Great Artwork Heist of 2023', the DDG gods implimented their Inspiration Points update. At first I couldn't understand the logic behind it, as they'd be giving away a ton of free energy points for a system that was already working just fine.

For those unfamiliar with it, creators now get what are called Inspiration Points when another user clicks on one of their TRY IT buttons and makes an image using their prompts and modifiers. These points can add up quickly, and the person can then cash them in for Energy Points, the points used to create images at the site.

For me, this was a bit of a kick to the chops! Because of the relentless theft of our artwork, I had stopped publishing my images with the prompts and modifiers, and was now using the Deep Style process instead so I could publish my work at Deep Dreams with a watermark on it, (my attempt to have some protection from theft). This completely shut me out of gaining any of the new Inspiration Points.

Of course doing things the way I do uses up a LOT of energy points. First I have to spend the points making the original image, and then I have to spend the points again to process them with the watermark. I COULD REALLY USE THOSE EXTRA INSPIRATION POINTS!

Then today I realized the genius behind this update. I think that many of the popular artists at the site won't cash in their inspiration points at all. Instead, they will just let them accumulate, and will wear them on their account like a badge or popularity trophy! It's sort of another "I've got the most likes" system.

As a person who was once addicted to getting likes on his artwork, I can certainly understand the addiction of it all, and this new update is another way to add to that addiction. I still enjoy getting likes, of course, but now I don't leave any artwork on the Deep Dream Generator long enough to get the likes on my work that I used to, and I'm OK with that.

I'm quite sure that if I was publishing my work unprotected like I used to, that I'd have hundreds of these inspiration points already. I'm also quite sure that I'd also just accumulate them and wear them as a badge though, so really, what am I missing out on? When it comes down to it, I'd far rather be addicted to making my artwork than addicted to likes and inspiration points.

Today I saw someone leave Deep Dreams because of this new update. She removed her gallery from public view and left a couple generic "I'm outta here" images to announce her departure. In the comments I saw her post something along the lines of how disappointed she was with the update, and she thought the site should be about 'fun' and not attaining 'hard to get' inspiration points.

I sort of understand her frustration, but certainly wouldn't leave the site over it. To begin with, I was kind of peaved that I couldn't get these points. I thought the DDG gods should have put their efforts into some sort of image protection system rather than another popularity contest rating system, but hey, what do I know?

This new system was probably in the worX for months, and when it was uploaded onto the site, well, that was probably just bad timing that they had no control over. Last time I spoke with them, they told me they were working on a way to protect the images, and even on some sort of editing tool, so I will patiently wait for that to happen and see what they come up with.

In the meantime, should I need a way to vent, I have to come to and I can type, type, type away! If you feel so inclined, come back soon to read more of my ramblings!

ThanX, and kinds regards...


June 16, 2023