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A surreal composition in black, yellow, green, and red showing a view of a canyon from the bottom with a large wall on the left and right with balloon-like trees and a scorching hot sun in the sky.

Christmas in the Canyon

A woman that appears to be underwater has thick pink strands of hair that look like noodles.

Dreaming Deep

An alien desert landscape with a strange sandy structure center stage with green geometric flowers coming out of the top of it.

Faraway Flowers

Yellow and black folk-art type image of two crooked houses in and abstract forest setting with daisies blooming on the ground,

Forest Dwellings

Mostly green image of a large mountain lake, where huge mountains can be seen in the background and scattered homes can be seen around the lake's edges.

Lakeside Residences

Large white and yellow buildings are seen on the horizon of a field of white and red flowers. In the distance a light blue sky and the sea can be seen.

Hotels on a Hill

Smiling man is seen with elaborate spiked headdress with roses, flowing cape, metallic looking clothing, set against a blue sky with storm clouds.

Date Night

Mostly colourless image of a distorted woman's face set amongst fractal-like designs with flowers.

The Miserable Mrs. Crabtree

Beautiful northern winter landscape showing birch trees in snow drifts in the foreground, and the beginnings of a stunning sunset in the background.

Late Afternoon in December

An automobile that appears to be from the early 1940's is shiny with many chrome embellishments. Dark stormy clouds in background, black and white image.

New Old Car

A well dressed man with huge hair stands in front of a golden orb shape. The man and orb are in a fantasy landscape with many yellow flowers and a changing gradient sky.

Golden Orb

Black and white image of a well dressed older woman with white hair and dark sunglasses with stars reflected in them. Set against a psychedelic fractal background.

Seeing Stars

Daisy flowers at night that are lit up with dappled neon light sources scattered across their petals.

Delighted Daisies

Black and white image of a girl underwater with pale blue eyes. Her hair changing to kelp with a fish peeking through it.

In Deep

A young boy of African descent has a huge purple afro and is standing in a fantasy field with purple flowers.

Freddy's Fantasy

A black and white digital forest scene with a thin white path winding through the center surrounding by boulders and plant life. Sun shines through trees off on the horizon.

Pathway through a Dream

Portrait of an older woman who could be royalty with fractal-like designs behind her and on her clothing.

Imperial Portrait with Gold Embellishments

Black and white landscape of a forest made from repeating fractal-like shapes and lines.

Fractal Forest

A whimsical picture of an older black and yellow automobile covered in daisies, with daisy flower hubcaps. Seen besie a field of daisies and a tree with daisy flowers.

Daisy Driver

Dystopian downtown scene of grey buidlings going off into the distance with yellow and white daisies seen on the top of the buidings in the foreground.

Daisy Dystopia

A smiling man all dressed in black is seen beside a small shiny flying machine with bat wings. Set against a sunny sky with large storm clouds brewing.

Creating a Storm

Black and white image of a bearded man with fractal like skin against a fractal like background.

A Taste for Dark Things

Image of an old woman wearing sparkly blue and purple sunglasses set in a psychedelic background.

Grandma got into the Brownies Again!

Black and white image of an older woman with fractal patterned skin wearing large over sized dark sunglasses that are reflecting what she is looking at. Psychedelic abstract background patterns.

I View You

A black and white landscape with a town in the distance with hot pink poppy flowers in the foreground.

Colour in a Black and White World

A woman stands in a field of orange flowers against an orange clouded summer sky. She wears a futuristic orange and black outfit and has orange flowers in her frizzy hairdo.

Summer Serenade

Portrait of a woman in a turn of the century dress amoungst huge purple poppies that go off into the distance.

Purple Poppy Portrait

A frightening white and ominous face with buggy eyes and long flowing brown wavy hair is pictured among many fall colored leaves.

Autumn Looming

A child like creature in a orange and white outfit is seen posing in front of a large gray boulder covered in poppy flowers.

Theodore's Day Out

An odd automobile which appears bent in the middle also looks like it can be driven from either end. Set against a cloudy sky with stars and a rocky road in the foreground.

A Bend in the Road

Set amongst a dystopian city skyline, daisy flowers and small dots are seen in the foreground going off into the distance and crawling up the sides of the buildings.

Invasion of the Daisy Spores

Two babies with blue and purple hairdos are see inside a crescent moon amongst many stars and planets. Pastel colours.

Star Babies

A woman with a lot of make-up has a huge pink curly hairdo and is framed in pink and orange flowers.

Trying to Blend In

A strange fusion of Automobile and creature has a small rat-like tail, A large eye, and a mouth surrounded by fur on a car body in green tones.

It Practically Drives Itself

An orange skinned face with large blue eyes is seen in the center, framed by orange and purple flowers on both sides. The face also has many smaller orange and purple flowers all over it.


A drawing of white and gray poppies against a mostly black background which shows furry poppy stems and poppy flower buds.

White Poppies

A young woman with wild purple hair and a yellow cape wears a red skirt that transports her to an imaginary land.

Magic Red Skirt

A woman in a balaclava stands in front of a background of gray leaves, looking at the viewer.

Art Thief

A red haired woman emerges from an opening that sits among yellow flowers.

A Place to be Free

Very detailed image of a bearded older man with thick dark and gray hair. Black and white image.

The Day I met a Mountain Man

Two abstract and detailed birds face each other under a starry sky. Image is black and white and red and yellow.

Birds of a Feather

Two men walk their dogs along a wooded pathway. One man has a dog's head, the other only a dog's snout.

Dog People

A house and barn with pink roofs are seen on the horizon of a field filled with yellow flowers. A path covered in pink flowers and daisies goes off into the distance.

Country Living

An old fashioned black and yellow themed kitchen with poppies plastered all over everything.

Daring Décor: Grandma's Poppy Kitchen

An old abadoned contraption is left to rust away beside some trees in a field. Many tires are around it.

Contraption Inaction

ColleXion 1

This is where you'll find all the great images from X's first year of A.I. art eXploration at the Deep Dream Generator.

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