Like everyone else, this woman has a few things in her life that she'd like to change, and she carries around some baggage that tends to be full of regrets and broken promises. Every year, at a special date and time, she makes resolutions to herself that she'll implement some big changes in her life. She's going to treat others with more kindness, she's going to start looking after herself better, she's going to stop doing one thing and then start doing another. Unfortunately, she seldom goes through with her many resolutions. She starts out well, but then quickly falls back into her old routines. Instead of picking out a special day of the year to make her resolutions, she should start with TODAY and then EVERY DAY afterward, making slight changes on a daily basis to better herself. Each day is a chance to make herself into a better person, and many small, determined, daily changes, will eventually add up to a new and improved person! Small changes add up to BIG changes, and there's no better day than today to get started on them.