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From the "X" Files

Daisies and Do's
(how about you?)

The surprisingly persononal artistic trends that are revealed in AI artwork.

One of the most amazing things about creating artwork with AI is the speed that images are created with. A person can literally create dozens, even hundreds of images daily.

Myself, I try to make one image a day that I find worthwhile to publish. I don't actually hit this goal, as I often find myself working on the same image for a couple days, or I will put an image aside and come back to it at some later date, but I think I still manage about 4 images per week. To me, this is still very prolific, especially when one considers how long drawings or paintings take to create.

I have quickly managed to make quite a portfolio of artwork, and while looking through it I have found some surprising trends in my artwork. I suppose this would also happen with work made by traditional mediums, but it would take many more YEARS to notice it!

One thing I've noticed recently is that I've gotten totally into making portraits of people. This wasn't something I was overly obsessed with before AI, though on occasion I would draw portraits just to see how real I could make a person look while playing with shading. But now I can't seem to make enough of them! I look at my gallery of recent pictures and keep telling myself I need to diversify my work, but really, who am I to tell my creative side what should make it happy? It wants what it wants!

While looking at these people I see they are increasingly getting bigger, weirder hairdos, that are often in strange colours. WHERE DID THAT COME FROM? I apparently LOVE giving people great big multi-coloured hairdos, and I have no idea whatsoever why. Is it an artistic trend I'm going through? Is it going to be permanent in my work? Again, I couldn't tell you!

And DAISIES! What's up with all the daisies I keep finding in my artwork? They've been appearing in my work pretty much since I started creating with AI and I have absolutely no idea why! I've never been a huge daisy fan, in fact I often dig them up from my garden and throw them away! But in my AI artwork they have some special place in my creative heart. They show up so often in my work that I don't think they are a 'trend', but are here to stay forever. Who knows why? Maybe one day I'll figure it out.

HOW ABOUT YOU? Have you noticed these odd personal artistic trends in your own worX & galleries?

If so, then go with the flow! Apparently we can still develop our own styles while using all this technology. That's your personal creativity peaking through it all!

If no, you gotta go...looking through your own gallery, that is ; ) Take a look through all your images and see if you notice your own personal trends and artistic idiosyncrasies, and when you find them, go with them!

AI has got to be one of the strangest, yet most fascinating and rewarding and satisfying mediums to create with! It's sheer speed can reveal personal artistic trends that are quickly apparent, and yet surprising!

I thought this was worth discussing, and I hope you did too! :D

Happy Cinco de Mayo! 🍷🍷