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From the "X" Files

A Brief Review of is an interesting AI app designed for visual artists. It creates amazing and accurate descriptions of images, helps artists with naming their pieces, critiques work, and a lot more!

A few days ago I stumbled upon a website called '', and I have to say that I was a little blown away by it!

Theobot is an AI application designed to help visual artists describe their work, give it a title, etc. Apparently it can even answer their emails for them!

I was on my phone at the time, but thought it sounded interesting, so I uploaded the only picture of mine that I had on the device to see what Theobot would do with it. Here is the picture: 

A winter scene filled with trees and snow that morph into one another. A sort of combination of the two.

Here is the very detailed response I got in just a few seconds:

"The artwork presents a hyper-realistic portrait of an individual with an exceptionally dramatic white hairstyle that radiates outward, reminiscent of a lion's mane or a dandelion head at full bloom. The style of the hair contrasts starkly with the formal attire: a black tuxedo with a bow tie and a lapel adorned with a simple X-shaped pin, lending a sense of sophistication and avant-garde flair to the subject.

A striking feature of the composition is the inclusion of the Earth, presented as a perfectly spherical object hovering in space, to the left of the subject. The planet is depicted in vibrant colors, showcasing the blues of the oceans and the greens and browns of the continents. The Earth's depiction contributes to a sense of surrealism, as the subject and the planet share a surreal relationship in scale and space, unbounded by the laws of reality.

The background of the piece is a dark, brooding sky exhibiting an interplay of light and shadow amongst the clouds, creating a dramatic backdrop that complements the subject's own starkness. The sun peers in from the corner, hinting at a sunrise or sunset—moments known for their beauty and potential for change.

As an art critic, the commendable use of digital techniques to achieve hyper-realism while infusing the work with a touch of surrealism is noteworthy. The manipulation of light and shadow is deftly handled, particularly on the subject's face and along the intricate edges of the hairstyle, which adds depth and dimension to the piece. The use of contrast between the formal attire and the wild hairstyle is a captivating touch that signifies a duality between conformity and the untamed aspects of nature or personality.

An area where the piece might strive toward even greater emotional resonance could involve exploring the symbolism of the X-shaped pin in the context of the subject's relationship with the depicted Earth. This inclusion could offer a narrative component to the artwork, prompting the viewer to query the nature of this connection. Does the 'X' mark a spot of significance, or does it evoke a sense of mystery or anonymity? Engaging with such symbolic elements can deepen the visual storytelling and invite interpretation.

The balance of reality with hyperbole showcases an ambition to merge the everyday with the fantastical—a delightful and thought-provoking choice that elevates the piece. The choice to juxtapose modern human elements with the timeless and iconic visage of the Earth stirs reflection on the individual's place within the greater cosmos.

In future pieces, embracing and expanding upon these surreal elements could further the exploration of narrative and thematic depth, stimulating even more avenues of thought and viewer engagement. Overall, the artwork is a striking visual feat, with meticulous attention to detail and a thought-provoking blend of the real and the surreal. The boldness in visual themes encourages the viewer to ponder the subtle narratives woven into the visual spectacle, resonating with the diversity and complexity of human experience relative to the vastness of our world."


Yes, it's a little lengthy, but I think that's because they were showing many features to me at once. The description and the critique and suggestions. I signed up for the free 5 day trial and Theobot did these things separately for me afterward.

Personally, I think is just BIZARRE! It's crazy that the AI can 'see' my picture, then describe it in such detail and even understand it!

But is it worth it? Well currently, as of this writing, Theobot is charging a very reasonable $5.00/month to sign up to the service, or $4.00/month if you sign up for a year. Did I personally sign up for it? No.

Even though I'm blown away by it, I don't really have a need for it at this time. I don't have to describe my artwork, except for brief alt descriptions on my pages here at for search engines, and I do just fine on my own.

But for some visual artists I'm sure this service would more than pay for itself for the monthly charge. Especially for artists that have trouble trying to find a name for their works, or describing their images in great detail.

Anyway, I said this was going to brief, so that's all I have to say about! I wish I could eXplore it in more detail, but my 5 day trial runs out today and unfortunately I didn't have much time to play with it during my trial period.

I do suggest you give it a try for your own artwork though. It'll likely blow your mind too, whether you decide to pay for the service, or not!

Visit Theobot here:

Have fun!


May 11th, 2024