(Things are being worked on here)

What's going on?

MisterX.ca recently (as of this writing) changed servers, and as a result, the old site content had to be removed. I've decided to use this event as an 'x'cuse to do some much needed updating to the site, and sift through all the pages and assorted crap accumulated here over the years.

As I find time to, I'm hoping to bring back the popular content once found at this site on newly created pages that are easier to read and access on all devices, and are specifically 'mobile friendly'.

This will be a time consuming and daunting task, and I make no promises in advance to when, or even IF it'll be completed. All I can suggest is that you check back from time to time to see what's going on ;)


Folks have been asking me where all the SnowDays material went and if it'll be coming back. The above paragraphs 'x'plain where it went, and YES, I'm hoping to bring these pages and their information back in an updated format.

In the meantime, if you really MUST see this content (or any of the other content once found here) much of it has been archived online. Google "Wayback Machine" and visit the web site provided. Type "MisterX.ca" into their search engine and you can 'x'plore the various versions of this site over the years. 

All the flaky Tips'N'TriX and other flake related articles can be found there...but you might have to look hard for them!

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