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 A Brief Review of
A bizarre descriptive AI app for visual artists!
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A faded old photograph in tones of brown pictures a realistic caricature of a plump Queen Victoria wearing an X shaped earring.

Happy Birthday, Queen Victoria

Canvas is split down the center with mirrored images of women with rainbow coloured hair facing away from each other. A bright light source is seen in the upper center radiating beams of light that weave their way through the women's hair.

Let there be Light

A dark image of a man sitting on a chair in anguish, hands covering his face. The moon shining brightly exposes a figure in the background shielding his face from the light. A white dove is seen flying away and a withered purple rose can be seen in the foreground.

Elsewhere Now

A shiny green man is seen reclining in the clouds. Behind him is a green cloudy sky with a sun and sunrays.

Reclining Green Figure

A man with purple hair and a beard can be seen sulking in a leather recliner chair. Behind him is purple and blue mist in a dark background.


An attractive brown skinned woman with long flowing multi-colored hair is seen from a side profile. Behind her is a cityscape with and old pyramid and a new glass pyramid reflecting in the water. Green cloudy sky with large green moon.

The Tourist

A woman has a huge rainbow coloured hairdo that fills the canvas. A rainbow coloured daisy is seen in the forefront.

Springtime Sublime

A smiling man with arms crossed and bizarre hairdo is seen in his futuristic home which has digital displays across all the walls. A naked woman in high heels is seen in the background reading the displays.

Fred from the Future

A handsome young man with blue and green hair is seen in a daisy field against a dark black and blue sky.

Gay as a Day in May

A handsome black man in suit stands in from of an oval frame. Behind him are clouds going off into the distance.

Screenshot from a Dream 2

A face emerges from a busy city street scene.

City Boy

A woman in a flowing nightgrown is seen floating in space and hugging a lit up moon. There are stars and galaxies and the earth can be partially seen in the upper left hand corner.

Lunar Lullaby

Beautiful woman with very large red hairdo consisting of curls and braids is seen in front of an emerald green background. She has a red 'third eye' in the middle of her forehead.

Wooden Watermark

A planet with a grinning human face is seen in space, surrounded by stars and clouds.

Birth of a Brand New Day

A young girls with blue hair and in a blue satin dress holds up a large glass bubble that shows a smaller similar girl inside it. The horizon is filled with other glass spheres and the gradient sky is black on top and slowly brightens as it goes down to the horizon.

Endless Possibilities

Young man on the beach has short cropped hair, a white shirt, and is wearing sunglasses. He is seen looking off to the side and behind him is a vast sky with wispy cloud patterns and a large rocky outcrop with a little house on top. Black and white picture.


On the left side is a profile of a woman looking towards the right. The background is made up of grey and gold colored flowers and leaves.

Fantasy Floral Flashback

Bright orange and yellow flowers are seen in the foreground of an otherwise colorless picture. A man with a mustache and strange hairdo and clothing is seen beside the flowers, looking down at them. 2 clouds and a butterfly are seen in the sky, which is made from tiling square patterns.

Stop and smell the Flowers

A handsome young black artist is seen with arms crossed and wearing a green shirt. Behind him is a surreal and abstract forested setting that is dark green with hints of sunlight.

Through an Artist's Eyes

An atractive black woman has burgundy highlights in her hair and is wearing pink pearl earings and necklace. The grey background is made from black and white leaves and stems with pink flowers.

Pink Pearl

A pale white young man with huge spiked hairdo is wearing a tuxedo and standing in front of a cloudy setting sunset. The Earth is floating in the cloudy sky behind him.

Off to the Ball

A black and white woman with fantstically wind blown hairdo is seen against a background with golden hills and black background with sun shining.

Grey Girl

A stylized sun with human face is seen in space with stars behind it and flames encircling it.

Solar Eclipse - 08/04/24

A beautiful woman's face is centered on the canvas, she has a large unruly whate hairdo with green highlights and there are branches with leaves in front of her. In the background is a night sky with a green full moon and wispy green lit clouds.

Here Comes Summer

Four beautiful young sisters with wind blown multi-coloured hair are seen against a cloudy blue sky and psychedelic sun with sun-rays.

Sunshine Sisters

Black and white image of two girls, almost identically mirrored, backs towards each other, with cloudy sky and a centered sun with a smiling face placed between them.

The Sun Shall Shine Again

A large eyeball is centered in the picture, surrounded by flowers and leaves. The iris and pupil of the eye are also made from a flower and flower petals.

Nature Seen

A handsome man in a shiny black suit is seen against a dark and cloudy background. Branches with shiny gloden leaves take up a large portion of the picture.

Golden Hour

A young girl in a shiny blue satin dress is seen looking up at a levitating glass spere in the sky. She is seen with her back toward us and is surrounded by a sky of clouds that go off down to the horizon.

Ready to Fly

A handsome man in a shiny black suit is seen against a dark and cloudy background. Branches with shiny gloden leaves take up a large portion of the picture.

He and his Shadow

A handsome young red haired man is seen wearing a black tee-shirt with a large letter "X" logo on it. A sun is seen shining against a black sky with occasional clouds, and 3 large red asian poppies can be seen along the side of him.

Shameless Self Promotion

A beautiful young woman with blonde hair and blue eyes is standing in a labyrinth. She has an apple on her shoulder and the walls have squared-off maze-like designs on them.

Apple of my Eye

A very hip 4 year old is seen from the shoulders up. She is downtown and has a very curly hairdo full of baby-blue and white ringlets and is wearing baby-blue mirrored sunglasses.

Changing Times

An older man with a moustache and suspenders is seen sitting in front of a table with a book, from the mid section up. Bubbles and a glowing red light surround him.

Abstrakt Thinking

A Jesus-like figure is seen amongst a star filled spacey background. He is backlit and has many small stars entwined amongt his hair and beard.

Multiverse Messiah

Surreal image of an older man with wild grey hairdo sitting at a table and looking at a book. A black background hosts flowers and a giant lightbulb, and a framed picture of a horizontally placed man's face portrait.

Nothing's Simple

Beautiful woman with very large red hairdo consisting of curls and braids is seen in front of an emerald green background. She has a red 'third eye' in the middle of her forehead.

Variation of a Theme

A blue cloudy sky dominates this image. Centered in the middle is a picture frame and inside that frame is a woman in a blue dress, back turned towards the viewer, and she is looking at another picture frame which shows more clouds and a castle in the distance and a hot air balloon in the sky.


An image of a centered large female head emerging from a pool of water that dominates the picture and is the main theme. On each side of her head is an abstract landscape and behind her is a changing gradient sky. Small human figues can be seen in and near the pond, and a human skull sits in the lower left corner and a red shrimp-like creature in the lower right.

Landscape of Loneliness

A woman in a red dress sits within a picture frame, her dress coming out of it. Her back is facing the viewer and she looks out onto a vast landscape made of clouds as far as the eye can see. Mountain tops peak out of the clouds and there are hot air balloons and a clock floating in the sky.

On a day like Today

Black and white image portrays an old womans face wearing glasses in the center. It is surrounded by fractal-like grey patterns and Native American symbols.


Black background and neon colours of a woman with green hair and punk-rock clothing holding a paint brush. There are paint splashes in mid air and her shirt has a large letter X on it.


The picture consists of mostly huge, multi-coloured clouds. A small figure of a man standing on a hill can be seen near the lower center area, his back is turned towards the viewer as he gazes at the huge sky in front of him.

Great Big Sky

A sort of retro 60's psychedelic poster feel. We see a side view of a woman, with multi colored curly-q's for hair. She is in front of a multi colored oval shape made of surreal clouds.

Head in the Clouds

Close up of a rainbow coloured flower still in the process of fully opening, covered in dew drops.

Grand Opening

A woman with bizarre hair and body embellishments stands in front of an alien landscape.

Fascinating Frontier 1

A woman with her hands on the side of her face is surrounded by shiny abstract organic phalic shapes.

Indecently Organic

A woman with bizarre hair and body embellishments stands in front of an alien landscape.

Fascinating Frontier 2

A woman with blowing hair filled with daisies stands in a vast field of daisies against a starry black night sky. She is wearing a black and white striped outfit. She is seen from a side view, looking at the viewer, from the lower shoulder up.

Down in the Daisy Field

An albino woman glances over her shoulder at the viewer. She is set into an abstract background made of pale yellow, grey, and black colours. There are trees and black circles and swirls and a lone eye in the surrounding areas of the woman.

Journey Through Imagination "X"

A woman with blowing hair filled with poppies stands in a vast field of poppies against a starry black night sky. She is wearing a black and white striped outfit. She is seen from a side view, looking off to the side, from the lower shoulder up.

Down in the Poppy Field

Black and white image of a woman glancing off to the viewer's left. She is covered and surrounded by plants and flowers, and there is a large negative (black) space located in the lower left corner and upper right corner of the picture.

Journey Through Imagination I

Black and white image of a woman glancing off to the viewer's right. She is covered and surrounded by plants and flowers, and there is a large negative (black) space located in the lower right corner and upper left corner of the picture.

Journey Through Imagination II

Two rosey cheeked girls face each other and are surrounded my tree branches and blue and purple leaves. Set against a black background.

Branches and Other Things

A mirror image from center out to left and right. On each side is a picture of a blue skinned woman looking off to the side. Under her is a smaller woman looking back at the horizon. A very small man can be seen off in the distance on the horizon.

Pensive Hues x 2

A nearly identical mirrored image on the left and right. In the lower center of the image is a yong girl's face, and on each side is her sisters, one looking at the viewer, the other looking off to the side. Black and greay and orange colors only.


An attractrive pale woman's face with very green eyes and orange hair is surrounded by verious leaves in green and orange.

Hints of Spring

A topless and emotionless woman is seen centered on the canvas. A large red spikey object surrounds her head and on each side of her is a peculiar creature with huge red and black eyes.

Forever Watching

Vividly coloured flowers in bright hues of blues, purples, reds, and yellows are seen against a black background.

Fantasy Flowers at Night II

Two attractive women are seen from the shoulder up. One is looking at the viewer, the other off to the side. They have strange markings painted on their bare shoulders and strange mauve headdresses.


A blue skinned woman with strange braided hairdo is seen in front of an abstract orange and yellow plant-like background.

Pensive Hues

An attractive woman peers out through a large oval window at endless clouds that go off into the distance to the horizon. A single eye is in each corner of the picture's frame.

Screenshot from a Dream

Semi transparent daisy-type flowers glow from their own light source against a dark night time background..

Floral Fiber OptiX

A young girl gazes at a large, centered framed picture of a skull and flowers. A small oval portrait in the upper left is of a skelton, mimicking the little girl's stance.

Mortality as a Muse

A somewhat abstract image of flowers in a meadow on a warm summer day.

Meadow Mayhem

A beautiful young woman stands in front of a scene which shows water and mountains in the background. On each side of her are floating rat-like creatures with long mauve colored hair.

Memories in Mauve

A black and white fantasy image of an older female woman with pointed ears and unkept hairdo surrounded by yellow daisy flowers.


A blue skinned man with a moustache and strangley braided long redish-blond hairdo is seen against a yellow field background. A school of blue fish are seen entering the picture from the right side.

School of Blue Fish

A scene showing beverage cans going off into the distance as far as can be seen. Occasional trees can also be seen growing through the endless empty cans.

Return for Refund

A fantsy species of flower is seen with 3 large blooms in hues of blue, gold, and orange, set against a black background with stars.

Fantasy Flowers at Night

Two near identical shirtless young men are back to back and are seen looking at the viewer. They have large curly blue and green hairdos.

Pete & Repeat

Black and white pencil drawing that represents an earthquake. Shows trees in the background and in the foreground is a field showing waves going through the ground.

Earth Shaking eXperience

Framed portrait of a grey haired man with moustache, beard, and a very unlikely hairdo.

Portrait with Improbable Hairdo

An older gentleman sits upon the shore of a brave new world. He's near odd and unusual animals, and a the ship he arrived on can be seen in the distance of an ocean background.

The New World

Black and white image of a frosty fractal-like forest scene.

Frosty Forest

A 'blue moon' with bizarre 3-D facial features has a huge toothy grin and blue spikey 3-D moonbeams all around it.

Blue Moon Bliss

A man in a dress shirt and tie looks into a picture frame that shows a picture of him looking into a picture frame. Each picture in each frame repeats the smae picture into infinity.

Way Back When

A picture of a beautiful woman in black with improbable purple hairdo is hanging on a wall made from black leaves.

Fashionably Framed amongst Foliage

An older gentleman in a suit looks at a picture on a wall with two different profile pictures of himself looking at each other.

Just the three of Him

Daisy flowers completely take up the foreground and lower portion of the image. As the image goes off into the horizon, the flowers change into skyscapers in what appears to be a New York city-type skyline. Mostly black and white image with occasional yellow flower centers.

Downtown Daisies

Three adorable little girls are seen in the forefront of an otherwise filled picture of cabbages seen going off into the distance.

Cabbage Patch Kids

An contemplating artist in white, messy clothing is seen sitting on the floor amongst hundreds of papers and objects he's created.

Being Creative

A back lit woman in a black dress from times gone by has a huge improbable hairdo with curls and dread locks. Set against a dark grey background.

A Lot on her Mind

A black and grey painting of a floral bouquet in the style of artist H.R. Giger.

If H.R.Giger was a Florist

An image of a gold metallic feminine face wearing a golden crown and surrounded by golden swirls against a sparkling grey background.

Golden Zephyr

A fractal forest image with crooked trees going off into the distance. Black and white with copper tones.

Stroll through the Frolicking Forest

Dystopian black and grey image of a futuristic society and buildings with reflecting pond and a yellow, red, and grey changing gradient sky.


Image of a shirtless man sitting in the sand of a desert with the wrong shoe on his right foot. The man has a bald head and flaky skin and appears to be contemplating his situation.

Right Foot, Wrong Shoe

A pale thin woman with short hair is seen in the middle of two floating butterfly wings.

Clipped Wings

A frightening skeletal face with beady eyes is seen with smoky vapors all around it.

Acid Bath

Black and white image of two old ladies conjoined at the head, wearing sunglasses with three lenses, the middle one covering the middle eye that they share.

My 2 Grandmas

Fantasy image of an adorable young girl, possibly a fairy, with wide face and stick-out ears. Crazy blue spikey hairdo. Surrounded by glowing orbs and stars.

Happily Ever After

A beautiful woman is covered in silver machine-like designs, giving the impression she may be a cyborg.

Silver Saturation

A beautiful young silver haired woman wearing mirrored sunglasses has abstract mirrored glass objects and smooth polished metallic abstract items in a bizarre head dress.

Digital Diva

A face with piercing eyes is seen coming out of a detailed biomechanical background. Monochrome image.

Head of the Bureaucracy

A red headed girl, around 11 years old, is wearing red framed and lensed glasses and a red dress. Seen againsta a grey distopian background with red round shaped windows along each side of the walls.

Seeing Red

A futuristic portrait of a woman with yellow mirrored sunglasses, wearing a form fitting yellow leather outfit, and with a large and crazy out of control wavy hairdo, is seen against a gold and yellow symetrical background.

Driver's Seat

Hundreds upon hundreds of Russian Matryoshka Dolls can be seen going off into the distance. Woodlands are on each side, and a flay plane of greenery is far off in the distance.

March of the Matryoshka Dolls

Dystopian image of a man wearing sunglasses, looking directly at the viewer.  He is back-lit, almost glowing, and is surrounded by horizontal textured lines on each side.

Omega Man

A male superhero in red tights and cape with black boots and an "X" logo on his chest. A large red hairdo and butterfly wings finish off his look!

Super "X"

Hundreds of cowded buildings are seen going off into th horizon, where huge trees are located.


A rainbow coloured psychedelic image of a bearded older man wearing shades and a hat, set against a fractal-like psychedelic background.

Seeing Things Differently

A surreal portrait of a woman in black and white with piercing red eyes and huge red hat set against a blue gradient background.

Woman with eXtravagant Hat

A whimsical black and white striped house with hints of orange and red and a fur trimmed roof is set against a pitch black background.

Welcome to October

Black & white portrait of a man with zebra striped skin set against a black and white fractal-like patterned background, nearly blending into it.

A Product of his Surroundings

A striking living room made from the colors of black and yellow. A glass coffee table seems to have levels that are impossible.

Daring Décor: Interdimensional Coffee Table

An upturned face is surrounded by multicolored psychedelic patterns and swirls.

eXpanding Horizons

A woman with a huge wild red hairdo is dressed in a black gown and has red, black, and yellow butterfly wings.

Autumn Enters

A surreal composition in black, yellow, green, and red showing a view of a canyon from the bottom with a large wall on the left and right with balloon-like trees and a scorching hot sun in the sky.

Christmas in the Canyon

A woman that appears to be underwater has thick pink strands of hair that look like noodles.

Dreaming Deep

A whisical image of a farmouse nessled in the woods, with a tiny picket fence and little trees filling the yard. Image is black and white and yellow only.

Farmhouse in the Forest

Yellow and black folk-art type image of two crooked houses in and abstract forest setting with daisies blooming on the ground,

Forest Dwellings

An alien desert landscape with a strange sandy structure center stage with green geometric flowers coming out of the top of it.

Faraway Flowers

Large white and yellow buildings are seen on the horizon of a field of white and red flowers. In the distance a light blue sky and the sea can be seen.

Hotels on a Hill

Smiling man is seen with elaborate spiked headdress with roses, flowing cape, metallic looking clothing, set against a blue sky with storm clouds.

Date Night

Mostly colourless image of a distorted woman's face set amongst fractal-like designs with flowers.

The Miserable Mrs. Crabtree

Beautiful northern winter landscape showing birch trees in snow drifts in the foreground, and the beginnings of a stunning sunset in the background.

Late Afternoon in December

In the lower right corner is the face of a bearded man with fractal-like patterned skin. The rest of the black and white image is made from fractal patterns against a black starry sky.


A well dressed man with huge hair stands in front of a golden orb shape. The man and orb are in a fantasy landscape with many yellow flowers and a changing gradient sky.

Golden Orb

Black and white image of a well dressed older woman with white hair and dark sunglasses with stars reflected in them. Set against a psychedelic fractal background.

Seeing Stars

Daisy flowers at night that are lit up with dappled neon light sources scattered across their petals.

Delighted Daisies

Black and white image of a girl underwater with pale blue eyes. Her hair changing to kelp with a fish peeking through it.

In Deep

A young boy of African descent has a huge purple afro and is standing in a fantasy field with purple flowers.

Freddy's Fantasy

A black and white digital forest scene with a thin white path winding through the center surrounding by boulders and plant life. Sun shines through trees off on the horizon.

Pathway through a Dream

Portrait of an older woman who could be royalty with fractal-like designs behind her and on her clothing.

Imperial Portrait with Gold Embellishments

Black and white landscape of a forest made from repeating fractal-like shapes and lines.

Fractal Forest

A picture about opposites. An evil face with a happy eXpression is surrounded by roses and thorns against a split sky of night on the left and day on the right.

Roses & Thorns

Dystopian downtown scene of grey buidlings going off into the distance with yellow and white daisies seen on the top of the buidings in the foreground.

Daisy Dystopia

A smiling man all dressed in black is seen beside a small shiny flying machine with bat wings. Set against a sunny sky with large storm clouds brewing.

Creating a Storm

Black and white image of a bearded man with fractal like skin against a fractal like background.

A Taste for Dark Things

Image of an old woman wearing sparkly blue and purple sunglasses set in a psychedelic background.

Grandma got into the Brownies Again!

Black and white image of an older woman with fractal patterned skin wearing large over sized dark sunglasses that are reflecting what she is looking at. Psychedelic abstract background patterns.

I View You

A black and white landscape with a town in the distance with hot pink poppy flowers in the foreground.

Colour in a Black and White World

A woman stands in a field of orange flowers against an orange clouded summer sky. She wears a futuristic orange and black outfit and has orange flowers in her frizzy hairdo.

Summer Serenade

Portrait of a woman in a turn of the century dress amoungst huge purple poppies that go off into the distance.

Purple Poppy Portrait

A frightening white and ominous face with buggy eyes and long flowing brown wavy hair is pictured among many fall colored leaves.

Autumn Looming

A child like creature in a orange and white outfit is seen posing in front of a large gray boulder covered in poppy flowers.

Theodore's Day Out

An odd automobile which appears bent in the middle also looks like it can be driven from either end. Set against a cloudy sky with stars and a rocky road in the foreground.

A Bend in the Road

Set amongst a dystopian city skyline, daisy flowers and small dots are seen in the foreground going off into the distance and crawling up the sides of the buildings.

Invasion of the Daisy Spores

Two babies with blue and purple hairdos are see inside a crescent moon amongst many stars and planets. Pastel colours.

Star Babies

A woman with a lot of make-up has a huge pink curly hairdo and is framed in pink and orange flowers.

Trying to Blend In

A strange fusion of Automobile and creature has a small rat-like tail, A large eye, and a mouth surrounded by fur on a car body in green tones.

It Practically Drives Itself

An orange skinned face with large blue eyes is seen in the center, framed by orange and purple flowers on both sides. The face also has many smaller orange and purple flowers all over it.


A drawing of white and gray poppies against a mostly black background which shows furry poppy stems and poppy flower buds.

White Poppies

A red haired woman emerges from an opening that sits among yellow flowers.

A Place to be Free

Two abstract and detailed birds face each other under a starry sky. Image is black and white and red and yellow.

Birds of a Feather

Two men walk their dogs along a wooded pathway. One man has a dog's head, the other only a dog's snout.

Dog People

A house and barn with pink roofs are seen on the horizon of a field filled with yellow flowers. A path covered in pink flowers and daisies goes off into the distance.

Country Living

An old fashioned black and yellow themed kitchen with poppies plastered all over everything.

Daring Décor: Grandma's Poppy Kitchen

An old abadoned contraption is left to rust away beside some trees in a field. Many tires are around it.

Contraption Inaction

ColleXion 1

This is where you'll find all the great images from X's first siX months of A.I. art eXploration at the Deep Dream Generator...

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