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A man in a dress shirt and tie looks into a picture frame that shows a picture of him looking into a picture frame. Each picture in each frame repeats the smae picture into infinity.

Way Back When

Three little girls and a squash with a face pose for this picture in a vegetable garden.

Sally Squash & the Simpson Sisters

An adorable little elf-like child has a surprised look on his face while holding a bowl.

Is this all I get?

Surrealistic profile picture of a face with a shocked eXpression. Lots of intricate details of objects, shapes, and swirling designs in mostly orange and yelllow colours.


An older gentleman in a suit looks at a picture on a wall with two different profile pictures of himself looking at each other.

Just the three of Him

An abstract humanoid figure with insect-like eyes appears amongst spheres and swirls in golden tones.

The New View

Daisy flowers completely take up the foreground and lower portion of the image. As the image goes off into the horizon, the flowers change into skyscapers in what appears to be a New York city-type skyline. Mostly black and white image with occasional yellow flower centers.

Downtown Daisies

Three adorable little girls are seen in the forefront of an otherwise filled picture of cabbages seen going off into the distance.

Cabbage Patch Kids

An contemplating artist in white, messy clothing is seen sitting on the floor amongst hundreds of papers and objects he's created.

Being Creatiive

A back lit woman in a black dress from times gone by has a huge improbable hairdo with curls and dread locks. Set against a dark grey background.

A Lot on her Mind

A black and grey painting of a floral bouquet in the style of artist H.R. Giger.

If H.R.Giger was a Florist

An image of a gold metallic feminine face wearing a golden crown and surrounded by golden swirls against a sparkling grey background.

Golden Zephyr

A fractal forest image with crooked trees going off into the distance. Black and white with copper tones.

Stroll through the Frolicking Forest

Dystopian black and grey image of a futuristic society and buildings with reflecting pond and a yellow, red, and grey changing gradient sky.


Image of a shirtless man sitting in the sand of a desert with the wrong shoe on his right foot. The man has a bald head and flaky skin and appears to be contemplating his situation.

Right Foot, Wrong Shoe

A pale thin woman with short hair is seen in the middle of two floating butterfly wings.

Clipped Wings

A frightening skeletal face with beady eyes is seen with smoky vapors all around it.

Acid Bath

Black and white image of two old ladies conjoined at the head, wearing sunglasses with three lenses, the middle one covering the middle eye that they share.

My 2 Grandmas

Fantasy image of an adorable young girl, possibly a fairy, with wide face and stick-out ears. Crazy blue spikey hairdo. Surrounded by glowing orbs and stars.

Happily Ever After

A dark ghostly figure is seen, back lit and misty atmosphere, framed by trees and their branches.

Hauntingly Beautiful

A beautiful woman is covered in silver machine-like designs, giving the impression she may be a cyborg.

Silver Saturation

A beautiful young silver haired woman wearing mirrored sunglasses has abstract mirrored glass objects and smooth polished metallic abstract items in a bizarre head dress.

Digital Diva

A face with piercing eyes is seen coming out of a detailed biomechanical background. Monochrome image.

Head of the Bureaucracy

A red headed girl, around 11 years old, is wearing red framed and lensed glasses and a red dress. Seen againsta a grey distopian background with red round shaped windows along each side of the walls.

Seeing Red

A futuristic portrait of a woman with yellow mirrored sunglasses, wearing a form fitting yellow leather outfit, and with a large and crazy out of control wavy hairdo, is seen against a gold and yellow symetrical background.

Driver's Seat

Hundreds upon hundreds of Russian Matryoshka Dolls can be seen going off into the distance. Woodlands are on each side, and a flay plane of greenery is far off in the distance.

March of the Matryoshka Dolls

Dystopian image of a man wearing sunglasses, looking directly at the viewer.  He is back-lit, almost glowing, and is surrounded by horizontal textured lines on each side.

Omega Man

A male superhero in red tights and cape with black boots and an "X" logo on his chest. A large red hairdo and butterfly wings finish off his look!

Super "X"

Hundreds of cowded buildings are seen going off into th horizon, where huge trees are located.


A rainbow coloured psychedelic image of a bearded older man wearing shades and a hat, set against a fractal-like psychedelic background.

Seeing Things Differently

A surreal portrait of a woman in black and white with piercing red eyes and huge red hat set against a blue gradient background.

Woman with eXtravagant Hat

A whimsical black and white striped house with hints of orange and red and a fur trimmed roof is set against a pitch black background.

Welcome to October

Black & white portrait of a man with zebra striped skin set against a black and white fractal-like patterned background, nearly blending into it.

A Product of his Surroundings

A striking living room made from the colors of black and yellow. A glass coffee table seems to have levels that are impossible.

Daring Décor: Interdimensional Coffee Table

An upturned face is surrounded by multicolored psychedelic patterns and swirls.

eXpanding Horizons

A woman with a huge wild red hairdo is dressed in a black gown and has red, black, and yellow butterfly wings.

Autumn Enters

A green black and grey portrait of a man's face with a very serious eXpression and piercing light green eyes.

The Face of Envy

A whimsical fantasy mansion with 5 levels, orange roof, and mushroom-topped trees growing out of its sides. A rocky front yard with stairs leading up to the 3rd level entrance.

Home Sweet Home

A glowing green woman with huge hairdo filled with trinkets and embellishments is seen in front of a black sky with deep blue colored clouds.

Black Light Night

A surreal composition in black, yellow, green, and red showing a view of a canyon from the bottom with a large wall on the left and right with balloon-like trees and a scorching hot sun in the sky.

Christmas in the Canyon

A woman that appears to be underwater has thick pink strands of hair that look like noodles.

Dreaming Deep

A whisical image of a farmouse nessled in the woods, with a tiny picket fence and little trees filling the yard. Image is black and white and yellow only.

Farmhouse in the Forest

Yellow and black folk-art type image of two crooked houses in and abstract forest setting with daisies blooming on the ground,

Forest Dwellings

An alien desert landscape with a strange sandy structure center stage with green geometric flowers coming out of the top of it.

Faraway Flowers

Large white and yellow buildings are seen on the horizon of a field of white and red flowers. In the distance a light blue sky and the sea can be seen.

Hotels on a Hill

Smiling man is seen with elaborate spiked headdress with roses, flowing cape, metallic looking clothing, set against a blue sky with storm clouds.

Date Night

Mostly colourless image of a distorted woman's face set amongst fractal-like designs with flowers.

The Miserable Mrs. Crabtree

Beautiful northern winter landscape showing birch trees in snow drifts in the foreground, and the beginnings of a stunning sunset in the background.

Late Afternoon in December

In the lower right corner is the face of a bearded man with fractal-like patterned skin. The rest of the black and white image is made from fractal patterns against a black starry sky.


A well dressed man with huge hair stands in front of a golden orb shape. The man and orb are in a fantasy landscape with many yellow flowers and a changing gradient sky.

Golden Orb

Black and white image of a well dressed older woman with white hair and dark sunglasses with stars reflected in them. Set against a psychedelic fractal background.

Seeing Stars

Daisy flowers at night that are lit up with dappled neon light sources scattered across their petals.

Delighted Daisies

Black and white image of a girl underwater with pale blue eyes. Her hair changing to kelp with a fish peeking through it.

In Deep

A young boy of African descent has a huge purple afro and is standing in a fantasy field with purple flowers.

Freddy's Fantasy

A black and white digital forest scene with a thin white path winding through the center surrounding by boulders and plant life. Sun shines through trees off on the horizon.

Pathway through a Dream

Portrait of an older woman who could be royalty with fractal-like designs behind her and on her clothing.

Imperial Portrait with Gold Embellishments

Black and white landscape of a forest made from repeating fractal-like shapes and lines.

Fractal Forest

A picture about opposites. An evil face with a happy eXpression is surrounded by roses and thorns against a split sky of night on the left and day on the right.

Roses & Thorns

Dystopian downtown scene of grey buidlings going off into the distance with yellow and white daisies seen on the top of the buidings in the foreground.

Daisy Dystopia

A smiling man all dressed in black is seen beside a small shiny flying machine with bat wings. Set against a sunny sky with large storm clouds brewing.

Creating a Storm

Black and white image of a bearded man with fractal like skin against a fractal like background.

A Taste for Dark Things

Image of an old woman wearing sparkly blue and purple sunglasses set in a psychedelic background.

Grandma got into the Brownies Again!

Black and white image of an older woman with fractal patterned skin wearing large over sized dark sunglasses that are reflecting what she is looking at. Psychedelic abstract background patterns.

I View You

A black and white landscape with a town in the distance with hot pink poppy flowers in the foreground.

Colour in a Black and White World

A woman stands in a field of orange flowers against an orange clouded summer sky. She wears a futuristic orange and black outfit and has orange flowers in her frizzy hairdo.

Summer Serenade

Portrait of a woman in a turn of the century dress amoungst huge purple poppies that go off into the distance.

Purple Poppy Portrait

A frightening white and ominous face with buggy eyes and long flowing brown wavy hair is pictured among many fall colored leaves.

Autumn Looming

A child like creature in a orange and white outfit is seen posing in front of a large gray boulder covered in poppy flowers.

Theodore's Day Out

An odd automobile which appears bent in the middle also looks like it can be driven from either end. Set against a cloudy sky with stars and a rocky road in the foreground.

A Bend in the Road

Set amongst a dystopian city skyline, daisy flowers and small dots are seen in the foreground going off into the distance and crawling up the sides of the buildings.

Invasion of the Daisy Spores

Two babies with blue and purple hairdos are see inside a crescent moon amongst many stars and planets. Pastel colours.

Star Babies

A woman with a lot of make-up has a huge pink curly hairdo and is framed in pink and orange flowers.

Trying to Blend In

A strange fusion of Automobile and creature has a small rat-like tail, A large eye, and a mouth surrounded by fur on a car body in green tones.

It Practically Drives Itself

An orange skinned face with large blue eyes is seen in the center, framed by orange and purple flowers on both sides. The face also has many smaller orange and purple flowers all over it.


A drawing of white and gray poppies against a mostly black background which shows furry poppy stems and poppy flower buds.

White Poppies

A young woman with wild purple hair and a yellow cape wears a red skirt that transports her to an imaginary land.

Magic Red Skirt

A woman in a balaclava stands in front of a background of gray leaves, looking at the viewer.

Art Thieves Suck!

A red haired woman emerges from an opening that sits among yellow flowers.

A Place to be Free

Very detailed image of a bearded older man with thick dark and gray hair. Black and white image.

The Day I met a Mountain Man

Two abstract and detailed birds face each other under a starry sky. Image is black and white and red and yellow.

Birds of a Feather

Two men walk their dogs along a wooded pathway. One man has a dog's head, the other only a dog's snout.

Dog People

A house and barn with pink roofs are seen on the horizon of a field filled with yellow flowers. A path covered in pink flowers and daisies goes off into the distance.

Country Living

An old fashioned black and yellow themed kitchen with poppies plastered all over everything.

Daring Décor: Grandma's Poppy Kitchen

An old abadoned contraption is left to rust away beside some trees in a field. Many tires are around it.

Contraption Inaction

ColleXion 1

This is where you'll find all the great images from X's first year of A.I. art eXploration at the Deep Dream Generator.