Since almost dropping dead a few years back, (still seems like yesterday to me), I find myself thinking about aging and death all the time now, probably on a daily basis. Not in a negative way, as I know I'm living on 'borrowed time' now, but more in a way of fascination and privilege. I think of how fortunate I am to still be here among the living, growing older and wiser with each day that passes by. I wonder how many years I might have left, or perhaps just days? I think about my elders, folks that have been here decades longer than I have, and I think how wonderful it is that they've lived so long! Getting old really is a gift, and one that many people unfortunately don't get to experience. Most of the old people I know, a few in their late 90's, are the kindest, happiest, and most knowledgeable folks I've ever met, and I think to myself how amazing it is that they STILL have such happiness after all the horrible experiences life has surely thrown at them over their many years here. That's how I'm going to be, should I have the great privilege of getting there, and I try to practice for it with each new day I continue to be blessed with.