Although it's true that I don't believe any CROP CIRCLES have been made by aliens, that doesn't mean they don't fascinate and inspire me.  Their size, designs, and the
way they quickly "appear" in farmer's fields are certainly most intriguing.   I have been following the evolution of these fabulous MAN MADE designs for many years, so
I thought I would compile a TOP TEN LIST of the VERY BEST DESIGNS thus far.   Many factors were considered when making this list, including ORIGINALITY,
COMPLEXITY, POPULARITY, SIZE, MYSTIQUE, etc.  Much thought went into the creation of this list, and I hope you will enjoy my TOP TEN favorites, (so far!).

Number 10 - The Led Zeppelin Formation:

Perhaps not one of the prettiest or most compleX designs, number 10 gets on the list simply because of its popularity.  Chosen as cover artwork for a couple of Led Zeppelin albums, it is likely one of the most viewed designs ever.

LED ZEPPELIN - Scarier than any alien

A couple of their albums using the formations artwork.
A rather bland and uninspired crop circle, but super popular thanks to its Rock and Roll "x"posure.

Number 9 - Marijuana Smoking Alien Formation:

Thumbs up for originality on this CROP CIRCLE.  Many of the so called eXperts said the pipe must have been added afterwards as a joke, but I can't see how someone would make the grasses stand back up again to do so.  Obviously the creators of this CROP CIRCLE had a great sense of humor, and I'm giving them the number 9 position because of it.  I wonder if they also created the below design?

      The ALIENS are coming...and they're bringing their best ganja too!                                                                                                                                                     Created beside Cherhill White Horse Wiltshire

Number 8 - Talking Bird Crop Circle:

Well, I think it looks like an Angel Fish, but pretty much everyone else on the web says it's a bird, so be it!  What's really interesting about this design though is all the "alien language" which was added to it days after the bird was created.  What does it say?  Nobody knows, but from the design I'm guessing it has something to do with laying an egg!
(...or was that supposed to be an Alien's head?)

There's nothing like a bit of mystery to add to a CROP CIRCLE's popularity.  This ALIEN WRITING uses lots of non alien symbols, such as Mayan numbers, but it still looks good and gets this design on my list.

 DOZENS of people likely worked at Creating the 409 Circles 
Number 7 - The "409 Spiral Circles" Design

As we move up my list, it's time to start taking a more serious look at the work involved in making many of these marvelous crop circle masterpieces.  This one is actually made up of 409 individual circles, which together make a fantastic spiral creation.  One can only imagine how many people worked on this and the patience and man hours that were involved.

Similar designs have appeared in the past, but nothing
near as complicated as the 409 Circles Design.

As with many other designs, this "formation" is MASSIVE! 

Number 6 - "5-4-3-2-1 Abstract Formation"

Abstract designs should not be forgotten on this list.  Though they may not be the most difficult to create, their lack of a definite image or prevailing shape adds to the mystery of what they might mean.  This "far out" design does just that, with a "theme" of a count down.

What does this design mean?  No one could possibly say.  But look closely at the abstract art work, there appears to be a count down theme of "5-4-3-2-1", and possibly "zero" happening here!

Number 5 - The "Nazca Line Hummingbird" Crop Circle

For those of you unfamiliar with the "Nazca Lines" in Peru, they are a collection of huge images created hundreds of years ago that have baffled scientists because they can only be seen from the sky, something that is presumed to have been impossible to ancient Peruvians!  This Hummingbird Crop Circle obviously gets its inspiration from the Peruvian Hummingbird Nazca design.  The Crop Circle is amazing, with its crisp clean lines and superior over all look to its peruvian influences.  The "body" is made up from 3 distinct circles, which are a reference for the rest of the design to be created around.  This piece is a wonderful work of art.

ABOVE AND BELOW: Various different angles of the Nazca Line Hummingbird Crop Circle and its actual Nazca Line Hummingbird counterpart found on the plains of Peru.

Number 4 - The Butterfly/Moth Man Crop Circle from Holland

OK, it's time to start getting down to the nitty-gritty!  Not only is this design beautiful and inspiring, it is also CONTROVERSIAL and the WORLD'S LARGEST so far!  Created in the Netherlands, this design appeared overnight and was quickly claimed to have been created by a design company using 60 individuals.  Video appeared that supposedly showed them creating it, but it was sketchy to say the least!  Even their web site had little to verify their claims, and recently when I tried viewing them, the pages were GONE!  However this CROP CIRCLE was created, it remains an AWESOME achievement.

ABOVE World's largest Crop Circle appears over night - An artist's rendition including a stadium for reference. BELOW Similarities to da Vinci's VITRUVIAN MAN are obvious and on purpose - Torso Circles & lines

Number 3 - The Jesus/Shroud of Turin Twin Crop Circles

In the summer of 2010, two 250 foot Crop Circles appeared on either side of the UK's M4 motor way.  Each design consists of dozens of various sized circles laid along equally spaced lines.  Individually, neither make much sense, BUT when the 2 designs are overlaid, one on top of the other, they appear to mimic the image from the world famous "Shroud of Turin".  Now I think the Shroud of Turin is as likely to have the image of Jesus on it as Crop Circles are likely to have been made by aliens, but never the less, these twin formations are truly ingenious.  A LOT of thought and a LOT of work went into making them, and they certainly deserve to be on my list!

ABOVE: Combine the circles of both of the designs, blur your vision, and "ta-da!", a face appears!

ABOVE The 2 individual designs.  BELOW The 2 Crop Circles on either side of the Highway - One of the circles compared to the Shroud of Turin which is thought by some to have the image of Jesus on it.

Number 2 - The "Hi there, I'm an Alien with a Message" Crop Circle

Although the alien portrait is a bit predictable and corny, and the message encoded within the disk a tad "flakey", this Crop Circle is a true work of art!  The design would be difficult to draw on paper, or paint on a canvas, never mind stamping it out in HUGE form on a field.  The portrait itself is made up from lines with varying thickness to reveal the image.  The message on the disk is written in Ascii, spiraling towards the center.  One can only imagine how much time and effort was involved to dream up this masterpiece, make the "blueprint" for it, and then see it finally created in the field.  BRAVO to the designer(s) for a job VERY well done!

ABOVE LEFT: The formation in its entirety  ABOVE RIGHT: The message...
"Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time. BELIEVE. There is GOOD out there. We OPpose DECEPTION. Conduit CLOSING"

A close up of the alien's face reveals the work involved in creating this crop's "portrait".

"BALOK" an alien from the original Star Trek could have been this Crop Circle's Daddy!

Number 1 - The "CHILBOLTON FACE" Image

The NUMBER ONE/BEST CROP CIRCLE DESIGN on my list is this uber creepy FACE DESIGN!  It gets the number 1 position for several reasons.  First, as I mentioned, it is SUPER CREEPY, a "theme" that I think ALL Crop Circles try to achieve.  Secondly, this formation is truly unique in how it was created, using a "screen technique" similar to the dots used in printing.  Thirdly is the difficulty involved in its making.  It was created nearly eXactly one year to the date BEFORE the number 2 design above, and was created in the SAME place, so it is likely that it was also created by the same people.  A few days after its creation, another "pictogram" was created beside it, seemingly answering a message sent into space years earlier, adding to the "mystique" of this design.  In my opinion, this is truly the very BEST Crop Circle ever created.

Chilbolton Face crop circle is the best ever created, the circles make a face.

ABOVE:  These close up views of the Chilbolton Face show the work involved in creating it.  Each circle is a different size and the face image can not be seen at all from ground level.
ABOVE LEFT AND RIGHT: The Chilbolton Face Crop Circle design was created beside a radio telescope satellite dish.  The "seti response" pictogram image appeared a few days later beside it.
ABOVE LEFT: The original Seti message and what it stood for.  ABOVE RIGHT:  The 'reply' describing over 20 billion 4 foot tall big headed aliens that inhabit several planets in their system!  CLEVER!
BELOW:   To add even MORE interest to the Face design, many believe it to
be a re-creation of the Mars Face, although I personally see NO similarities.


So there you have it.  My TOP TEN CROP CIRCLES, (so far!).  I hope you enjoyed the list.  One thing is certain, in the years to come there will be MANY MORE designs created, and some of them will likely be even BETTER than the designs I have listed above.  CROP CIRCLES remain amazing and mysterious pieces of artwork that can be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of their appreciation for how they were made or the messages they try to convey.  They obviously are NOT made by aliens, but they STILL provoke thoughts of the unknown, and that's why they are so interesting.

So until neXt time~
October 23rd/2011

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