All about, the flake making web site.

   SNOWDAYS.ME is an amazing place.  Originally planned to be a seasonal greetings page for an advertising agency called POPULAR FRONT, it has now become a CULT CLASSIC with many flakers from around the world who visit it regularly.
     The site revolves around the creation of snowflakes.  Once completed, these personalized flakes can be sent to anyone with an email address.  The flakes are interactive in that others are able to leave their comments on them.  If a flake gets a comment, its creator gets a notification in their inboX.  Many wonderful conversations have been had on these flakes!  This is one of the reasons that SNOWDAYS is so addictive to many people, they can eXpress themselves artistically and meet people from around the world whilst doing so.
     Another reason is the SNOWDAYS program itself.  Ingeniously designed, it is as beautiful to behold as it is to work with!
     One of the "kewlest" things to watch is how the background changes as the day progresses.  The program is tied into YOUR computer's internal clock, so the program will reflect the ACTUAL time of day you are on the site.  If you are at the site in the morning, you can watch the sunrise.  During the afternoon, the sky is clear and blue.  Later, starting around 4 o'clock, watch the sunset as the sky slowly turns black and the moon appears.  Other flakers online at the same time will see the sky as it appears in their own time zone!

   There are other great features too, such as the program's search engine, which allows you to key in any previously made flake's number and view it again. You can also search flakes by the Artist's name, or even by the message that was placed on the front!  You can click on an information boX to see how many other flakers are online, how many flakes are being made per minute, and various other information that the folks that run SNOWDAYS wish to place there.
     For me, the most fascinating thing of all is the flaking program itself.  It would seem to be limited only by the flaker's imagination and ability.  The more flakes a person makes, the more knowledgeable they become of how the program responds to different cuts and actions made by the mouse.  It shows each cut individually and in order, which often leads to incredible animated "unfoldings" while watching a flake load.
     Many amazing "discoveries" have been made about this program, such as how the flakes can be made to turn negative, which allows the flaker to "cut in" white shapes, rather than "cut out" black shapes.  This has led to SEVERAL interesting techniques and effeX that flakers can incorporate into their worX.
     I guess in a word, SNOWDAYS.ME is just FUN!  It's full of many creative and interesting people from around the globe that make up a flaking "community".  Play with the program, chat with the Flakers, watch the scenery and snowflakes, ENJOY!

Many thanX to the talented folks that keep SNOWDAYS online for us all year long!

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