(Above artwork by YOOLCHIE)  -MEGA thanX, Yoolchie!  I LOVE this illustration :D  - X -
 There is NOTHING more irritating than when you are working on that snowflake "masterpiece" and are abruptly stopped by those most feared authority figures, the Scissor Police.  ---Or so I've heard! 

 The fact is, I seldom meet the "SP's", and when I do actually encounter them - I am shocked, but by then am tired of making the flake anyways.  I am mostly aware of their eXistance because of the many negative comments floating out there in Flakeville.

I will share what I DO know about them,
and also what I have hypothesized!

 1st, there are NO determined amount of cuts that the Scissor Police allow.  Instead, they show up when you have used the allotted amount of memory that each flake is given by the program. (A flake made with only 1 cut can be stopped by the SP's, but I have personally made flakes with well over 100 cuts!)

 2nd, straight cuts use FAR less memory than rounded cuts do.  If you "bribe" the SP's with LOTS of straight lines, they will practically let you chop away FOREVER!  The straighter the cuts, the more cuts the SP's allow you!

 3rd, overlapping rounded cuts uses more memory than if a rounded cut does not overlap, however, straight lines seem to be able to go through each other with little memory used.   (e.g. )- If you want to "flash" a specific part of your flake, try making a square shape flash instead of a circular shape, or at least try  to overlap the lines as little as possible.

 4th, remember that if you flip the entire flake from positive to negative and are working in a negative space trying to turn it white again, you are probably working in an area with previous cuts that you can not see.  Cutting over previous cuts, even ones that you don't see, (but are remembered by the program), will use up a lot of flake memory.

 5th, flipping a flake from positive to negative doesn't use up much memory unless you are getting "movement" with each flip.  If you are getting a lot of movement,  that is because you had a lot of cuts that crossed each other during the making of the flake (which uses lots of memory), so the flipping can require a lot of memory as well.

I hope this information helps.  I shall add to it as I discover
more on the mysterious, but fascinating, SP's!   - × -

Hiring a Houston criminal defense attorney won't help you with the scissor police. If you are ever arrested for any crime it is essential to hire an experienced law firm.

UPDATE!  You can now RIGHT CLICK on the creation triangle to reveal several different OPTIONS while flaking.  Choose
"simplify more" to help avoid the SP's.  "Don't simplify" will bring the SP's knocking much sooner!  Also, be sure to watch the
SCISSOR POLICE METER which is now located at the bottom of the flake preview area to see when they'll appear.