The Many Dimensions
of Negative & Positive

by "X"

(You MUST know all about making Negatives -&+ Positives before trying to understand this section!)

The "dimensions" of Negative and Positive are what make techniXes such as Grids, Pinwheels,
Novas, Flashers, Zoomers, etc. possible.  Not to mention, the three major reconstruction techniXes:

If you just like to "doodle" on the slopes, or make the occasional flake parts "flash" from - to +, this
section may not be of too much importance to you.  However, if you like to make flakes that "morph"
with any of the above listed animated TriX, I think it is important to have an understanding of "x"actly
why these "triX" work in the SnowDays program.

This is something I have wanted to cover here at MisterX for a LONG time.  I just couldn't quite put my
finger on how I was going to "x"plain it so everyone could understand the concept.  Really, the concept
itself is relatively simple,  it is the "x"plaining it that is not!

Then yesterday, after an "x"hilerating 3 hour walk, it came to me.  "I shall describe it as "dimensions",
and I shall show it in COLOR!!!"  This is when one must truly admit they are addicted to SnowDays.
They go for a walk out in nature and still think about the SnowDays program!!!   lol!

The colorful chart below demonstrates my "thoughts" about this KEWLEST of all the features of the SnowDays program.

- 4
- 3
- 2
- 1
<---  0  --->
+ 1
+ 2
+ 3
+ 4
The BLUE represents NEGATIVE flips                    The "0" triangle is your start point                 POSITIVE is represented by YELLOW

As mentioned above, the above WHITE "0" triangle represents the original creation triangle
that SnowDays gives to you when you click on the Create-a-Flake feature located there.
Although the above chart only shows 4 "flips" in each direction, you can make DOZENS
in either direction if the SP's allow for it!

To understand the above chart is simple.  If you start at "0" and make a negative flip, you
will arrive in the 1st negative dimension of "- 1" (in the blue section).  Do another negative
flip and you arrive in the negative dimension of "- 2", and so on.  Each - flip takes you farther
away from the start point and thus turns your triangle a deeper blue.

Positive flips are shown in yellow, and each positive flip you make will take you to the neXt
positive dimension and the triangle gets a deeper yellow.

Naturally, there are no colors involved when making the original creation triangle either
- or +, but I have added them above to emphasize how one "travels" away from the start
point with each negative or positive flip they perform.

In actuality, if you have not made a cut into the flake, and you make either a - or + flip on
the triangle, it will turn "black" and look the same no matter what direction you sent it in!


Many flakers have the WRONG impression that there are just Positive flakes and Negative
flakes.  It is an easy misconception, as one is usually so AMAZED when they discover the
"magic" of the SnowDays program providing a negative option, that they neglect to investigate on.

The SnowDays program goes FAR further than just that though.  You can send your flakey
creations off to "Dimension X" and get un"x"pected effeX from doing so!

Throwing your flake into "reverse" (or "forward"), will show you what your design looks like
in the other Dimensions of the SnowDays program.  This is achieved by doing SEVERAL negative
flips in a row (to go in reverse), or SEVERAL positive flips in a row to go forward.

If your flake design had several crossing lines in it's design, you will get the Grid Effect.
Pinwheels work because when you cut out the original design you are sending each of
the previous cuts into another "dimension", which are "x"posed once again when you
begin your negative flips in that technique, giving the effect of movement with "spokes".

If you keep track of how many flips you made in one direction, you can make the same amount
of flips in the opposite direction and end up back where you started!

For instance, if you make 4 negative flips in a row from "0", you will end up in the negative
dimension of - 4.  Now do 4 positive flips and you will end up back at "0"  :)
This worX in BOTH directions.

I hope this will help you to better understand the workings of the SnowDays program.