The Electric GeomrtriX technique has proven to be a favorite flashy function for Flakers ever since I discovered it back in 2007.  It puts on an electrifying light show while unfolding and displaying the geometric shapes cut out by its creator while visiting several different DIMENSIONS in the SnowDays program.

The above flake (#4933023), was created with hand drawn straight lines, as we didn't have a Polygon option to create them back then.  Straight lines are essential with Electric GeometriX flakes because you will need the SP's approval to finish one!  Luckily today, we also have much more flake memory to play with, so if you use perfect straight lines, you'll be able to make animations that last MUCH longer than the above flake has ; )


Cut a straight lined shape anywhere on your flake and in any shape you desire.  Leave room to make more shapes as this is how you will get an "electric" animation!

On this flake, I made 5 diamond shapes along the right side of the flake.  Also notice how they are larger at the top and gradually get smaller as they work down the side of the triangle.  This is just a personal preference.  You can make the shapes any size and shape you want.  It is your design, so let your imagination run wild!

Once you have made your basic design, turn the flake into a "negative".  This is done by drawing a line along the bottom of the canvas, as described on this page.  If you draw your line in the right direction, you will now have white shapes on a dark background.

Cut along the INSIDE of the first shape.  You can do this on the top or bottom of your own design.

Make the same cuts until all the shapes have been made into "outlines".  Starting at the top and working your way to the bottom, or vise versa, will give your flake movement while unfolding and will give you a SMOOTHER ANIMATION.  You can play with this for different effeX on your flake's unfolding animation at SnowDays.

Once all shapes have been "outlined", put another negative flip on your flake.
Again, all the shapes will turn white.

Do the "outlining" again.  Cut out all the shapes on the inside from top to bottom, or
bottom to top.  Continue with these steps and try to keep the "outline" approX. the same width with each repeated step.

Turn the flake negative a third time.

Do the "outlining" again.

Turn the flake negative a fourth time.

Continue with these steps for as long as possible.  As seen above, I have actually "lost" the bottom shape, but will continue these steps as long as there is only one shape left.

Notice how each negative flip makes the shapes smaller and farther away from each other.

This is the Event Horizon.  I only have one tiny piece of the largest diamond left and it
isn't large enough to "outline" again and turn negative.

Now start making Positive Flips.  This is done by drawing a line along the bottom of your canvas in the OPPOSITE direction.

Make several Positive Flips in a row.  Each flip will give the effect of your "outlines"
growing as you travel through the various negative DIMENSIONS.

Continue your positive flips until you reach your original design and cuts.  All the cuts we have made thus far have been in the dark areas, so we still have all this white area to "play with"!

On this flake, I decided I would do another set of geometric shapes on the left side of
the creation triangle.  Once again, I started on top and worked down.

I also left a white center, so I could make an ApeX there later ;)  You can learn about
the ApeX approX. half way down on THIS page.

As with the other side, once the shapes are cut out, I turn the flake into a negative.

Cut in the outline, and turn the flake into a negative again...

...& continue the process.

Once again, each of your shapes get farther away from each other with each negative flip.

Keep going until you once again reach...

...the Event Horizon.  Once more, I cannot continue making the same cuts without turning one of the shapes completely black.  This is where you begin making your positive flips again to return to your original design.

This is the end of the Electric GeometriX process of this flake.

As this flake was been made with all straight lines, I still have permission from the SP's to continue on if I please.  So I went on to make an APEX in the center and then
PINWHEELED out some eXcess lines.  Then finally, I reconstructed some of the original diamond shapes to make them thicker and more noticeable.  Finally, the SP's said "ENOUGH!", and I ended up with a flashy flake that looked like this...

( Click on the above image to see flake #4933023 in action at Snowdays.ME )

Electric GeometriX are wonderful by themselves, or you can use them with any other
type of flaking technique to add some "flash" to it!  Make however many shapes you like, and outline them in whatever order you please.  The variations are endless and once again only limited by your imagination.

I hope you will enjoy making your own Electric GeometriX flakes!
(Instructions originally published on Canada's ThanXgiving Day '07 - October 8th!
UPDATED for SnowDays.US on March 1st / 2015)