Helen Robertson
     A Journey into Digital Snow Flake Creations

Helen Robertson's snowflake inspired digital masterpieces demand to be noticed.  Colorful geometric shapes, or hand drawn lines, mirrored and reflected and seen through, to create beautiful and futuristic eye candy for the lucky viewer.

As she created these images, Helen was kind enough to keep me updated to her progress and always shared her latest pieces with me.  Now that she has completed several, I invited her to pick a few personal favorites that I could display here for your viewing pleasure.

So please join me as we "x"plore yet another avenue into artistic digital "flakery".  Click on an image to see a full sized version, and read along to learn more on how Helen created these amazing images and where she got her inspiration.

ThanX for sharing Helen, your striking colored flakes are certainly an inspiration to ME!

- X -
"I use a circular graph template of either 6 sections or 12 as the starting layer."
"This layer is almost always 'turned off' when the work is completed, but I turn it on when needed while working to check the  alignment of the sections."
"Each section of an image is constructed individually, and then repeated, rotated, rescaled. Some of the images have 15 or more layers."
"I usually work in transparencies so the layers embellish one another.  Some layers have 'holes' in them so that the under layers show through."
"I never know how it will end up when I start a new piece, but I always complete a design... I never discard a design once I start, I make it work."
"Some designs I like better than others, and some I don't. What's interesting is that I have my friends rate which ones they like better than others and they will choose designs that I thought were not what I considered my best, and some of the designs I love, are skipped over."
"I usually use the Adobe Photoshop Tool Box for the flat, geometric shapes."

"The squiggly lines are made with an electronic pen on my Wacom drawing pad. I'm still working on that technique of getting the lines where I want them onto the monitor screen."

Helen Robertson lives in Santa Barbara, CA. She earned a degree in Art Education from Wayne University, Detroit and taught in Michigan, Japan and California. She is married to Ron Robertson, an assemblage artist.

Early in their marriage, Helen and Ron moved to Tokyo, Japan with their two children, Jennifer and Dan. Along with traveling and learning Japanese culture, Helen studied painting, contemporary print making, flower arrangement and traditional stone rubbing. And she also added two more children, Sarah and Edie.

After 10 years in Japan, the Robertsons relocated to Santa Barbara. Helen began her teaching career at Montecito Union School. For 25 years, she taught Upper Elementary curriculum; then another 5 years as the Art Specialist.

Retired from teaching, Helen now works in Adobe Photoshop and Indesign on her Apple Computer. Many of her computer skills came from working on her husbandís DVD and on his website: www.robertson-art.com

The 6 point star format of these images were inspired from the following website: www.PopularFront.com/Snowdays. Her work on this site can be accessed by typing in her alias: HELLENJ

Helen thanks MisterX for his interest and encouragement in the designing of these flakes for the past year. 

Helen can be contacted at: hellenj@excite.com