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CROP CIRCLES is a subject that has always fascinated me.  They are bizarre shapes, symbols, or even detailed pictures that can "magically" appear overnight in fields all over the world.  Most CROP CIRCLES are found in the U.K., (although in recent years have been appearing in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and even places like Japan & India), and are usually accompanied by a lot of controversy.  One of the most common "eXplanations" for CROP CIRCLES is that they are made by aliens or inter dimensional beings, but there are other equally whacky ideas out there, such as unknown atmospheric wind storms or some sort of magnetic magic that is responsible for these amazing shapes and images.

There is some evidence that CROP CIRCLES have been around for centuries, but the formations we are familiar with nowadays started in the U.K. in the 70's and have been increasing in their popularity, numbers, and compleXity ever since.  Around 90% of all CROP CIRCLES STILL appear in the U.K., which is a fact that in itself sort of proves that these creations are man made, (after all, why would aliens prefer the U.K. over other earthly destinations?).

CROP CIRCLES fascinate me NOT because of their ties to other worldly life forms or equally uneXplainable aspects, but because they are BEAUTIFUL pieces of ART!  The sheer size of them, as well as the compleX designs, show how hard the artists have worked to create them over night, and the finished work is almost always very inspirational to artistic individuals...which is why I thought I would like to make a page about them here at MisterX.ca

One of the most striking things about CROP CIRCLES is the geometry of the designs.  CROP CIRCLES get their name from the fact that they always appear in "crops" and almost always have a circular shape in their design.  Early CROP CIRCLES were often just one or two circles found in a field, but as time has gone by their designs have become far more detailed, often consisting of hundreds of circles.

CROP CIRCLES are almost ALWAYS made up from some sort of circular shape, often accompanied by straight lines.  They can literally be HUGE, measuring hundreds of feet across. This is why many people feel they couldn't possibly be created by humans.  Below we see a design with a person standing near the center.
CROP CIRCLE designs can be very simple, such as the one pictured below, and can be very easily eXplained.  The artists who created this design actually used the straight lines of the crop itself as a starting point.  They likely made this design with one person standing on the right line holding a string, while one or more others flattened the crop in a circular motion at various lengths of the string to create the design.  As we can see, this was done from different locations of the crop's selected line, with the occasional eXtra circle or shape thrown in to make the formation interesting.
Some designs though can be far more detailed, and this beauty below shows such a design.  It may be hard for many of us to imagine HOW such a design is created, but believe it or not, this can also be done with a simple string or rope, with one person holding it at a particular point in the design and another flattening out the crop.
So how do I know that CROP CIRCLES are being created this way?  Because I've used a geometry set!  Anyone who has "played" with one of these should recognize the designs in CROP CIRCLES and even how they are created.  I think that the last time I actually "drew" designs with a geometry set I was probably in Junior High School, but I know that I came up with very similar shapes and designs.


CROP CIRCLE artists likely use a geometry set to create their designs at home, then they use the crop itself as their canvas, choose a point on the plain as their starting point, then use a string or rope to reproduce the design in the field.

So we have seen how easily a piece of string can replace a geometry set and create perfect circles, straight lines, and even right angles!  Add to this some imagination, creativity, and determination, and you come up with some truly inspirational designs.  I imagine there are likely dozens of CROP CIRCLE artists out there, and I also imagine that they LOVE the attention that their designs get.  The more compleX they are, the more attention they will receive, with the CROP CIRCLES often appearing in news papers, television news broadcasts, and on the internet.  I also imagine that the artists probably try to "out do" each other, and these are the reasons that the designs are becoming ever more detailed and interesting as time goes by.  Lucky "us"!  We get to enjoy some amazingly sensational art work, and dare I say that it is truly, "out of this world"?!

ABOVE:  This jelly fish design is quite "simple", but leaves us wondering if there is some other worldly hidden message!
BELOW:  A "simple" abstract design can do the same...

ABOVE & BELOW:  Certain designs have a sort of "free hand" feel to them which leads me to believe that not a lot of planning was done before they were created.  The designers of these circles likely went to the crops and just "winged it".

This "humming bird" design though shows careful pre-planning and considerable thought before it was created in the field.  Notice the 3 main circles of the humming bird's body.  These would have been made first and the rest of the design created around them.....

These "angel fish" are certainly interesting.  Although a super easy design to achieve, I'm sure they were created on paper before being made in the field.

This "moth man" design is certainly most "x"cellent and gets 2 big thumbs up from yours truly!  Although the "wings" of this design are easily eXplained, the "body" part of the design is a bit more difficult.  HOW could this be achieved on such a large scale overnight?

The first thing that comes to mind when observing this design is the similarity to Leonardo da Vinci's famous drawing of VITRUVIAN MAN (AKA "the magical dimensions of man").  Leonardo recognized that even man's body shape can be drawn by, (guess what?)....geometric shapes!
In fact, ANYTHING can be "drawn" on a large scale when we use geometry!  Regular visitors to this site will recognize the following images of the Mandelbrot Set, one of the most compleX of all mathematical equations.  Although the equation itself is compleX and infinite, this image of the complete set's "spider" or "bug" would have been very easy to re-create in the field.

So we have seen how easily almost anyone could create MOST CROP CIRCLES with a simple string and a bit of knowledge about geometry.  Add some artistic talent, and the designs become almost mind boggling.  But the fact of the matter is, not all CROP CIRCLES are made from circles, and they can be as varied as the imagination permits.  It is for this reason that they have obtained an other worldly status, with MANY people believing that they could actually have been created by alien intelligences or even more unlikely causes....

How eXotic...how bizarre...how fanciful...how RIDICULOUS!   I'm sorry, but thinking that these wonderful pieces of artwork could have possibly been made by aliens is more than just a "stretch" of the imagination!  If there actually ARE intelligent beings out there that want to communicate with us, (and I'm NOT saying there isn't), I am quite SURE that they could find a far easier way to do so than drawing pretty pictures for us in farmer's fields!  Think about it....these beings have either traveled THOUSANDS of light years, or crossed through multiple dimensions to get here.  They obviously have technology beyond our understanding, yet the best they can do to get our attention is draw pictures in (mostly) U.K. wheat fields?  It really doesn't quite add up....
Yet there are certainly some VERY compelling eXamples of "circles" that have popped up over the years that really make one ALMOST reconsider his or her opinions about HOW they are created!
Take for eXample this above Crop Circle, which contains the image of some sort of unknown life form along with a very interesting "disk" which apparently holds some sort of spiraling message within it.  Naturally, this "masterpiece" received MUCH scrutinizing from MANY eXperts, and what they came up with was VERY entertaining!  For instance, although there IS in fact a "circle" in the image, it slowly spirals down to the center of the circle, and there does indeed appear to be a message within the spiral.  Also, there is a "portrait" of some sort of humanoid in this CROP CIRCLE, certainly not an easy thing to do overnight...or is it?
Actually, ANY image...even alien portraits, are quite EASY to re-create on ANY scale!  All one has to do is use the "Grid Effect" on them, as seen above.  Take any picture and divide it into equally sized squares, ...the "grid".  Then, make a blank grid with an equal number of squares, eXcept make the squares any size you like.  Reproduce the original image onto the new grid by "drawing" what appears in each individual square within its corresponding counterpart on the larger (or smaller) grid.  A near "x"act resized copy can be created in this manner....
But what about the message?  WAS there indeed something "written" within the spiraling "arm" of the disk?  Oh yes, in fact there was!  Turns out the cryptic message is written in "ascii", and says, "Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time. BELIEVE. There is GOOD out there. We OPpose DECEPTION. Conduit CLOSING (BELL SOUND).  Perhaps difficult to originally create, this image and it's message would be easily "drawn" onto a field using the Grid Effect!
As compelling as the above image and message are, obviously the makers of this design were far better at making images than they were at writing alien messages or imagining what aliens might look like!  The ascii message is rather comical, with spelling errors and bell sounds!  The alien itself, well it looks like something out of Star Trek!  Actually, the mathematical chances of an actual alien species that resembles us in any way coming to the Earth is quite astronomical in itself!  2 eyes (with pupils), a nose, a mouth, a head, a neck, a torso...well, that doesn't sound very "alien" to me.
But Star Trek image similarities and messages apart, why would an alien use ascii, a near eXtinct computer language to write their message?  Why would they find the need to add a passport picture to their message?  - And what's their fascination with cereal grains?!  I once again come back to my argument that there are MUCH BETTER ways to communicate with humans than this.


Humans are actually QUITE intelligent and talented beings, a fact that believers in "alien" made CROP CIRCLES tend to forget.  When we set our minds to doing something, no matter how bizarre that thing may be, we can accomplish a LOT...especially when we plan it out first.

No matter how familiar or alien an image in the crops may seem, we KNOW that these images are indeed man made creations and not the result of other worldly beings visiting us.  Although the designs can be compleX, they certainly are within the limitations of man to have been created.   Are these people determined?  - Oh, yes!  Are they competitive?  - Of course!  Are they artistic?  - Oh, most CERTAINLY!
If there's anything to be truly appreciated from these images, it would be the art, the work, and imagination that is behind them.  The human creators are ingenious at making the images take on a life of their own in our minds!  Believe what you like about them, CROP CIRCLES remain beautiful, mysterious, and inspirational...that much is undeniable!


I hope you enjoyed my wee eXploration, (and eXplanation), of CROP CIRCLES.  They really are wonderful pieces of artwork that can be inspirational to anyone.  As you can see, crop circles would take a great artistic mind and a good amount of determination to make the amazing designs we see. One could not just get drunk with his buddies and go out drunk driving, find a field and make a crop circle. In California, a DUI charge is a serious offense and you should contact a DUI lawyer in Los Angeles if you are ever in that situation.

April 18/11


"The very BEST CROP CIRCLES" by MisterX